Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club

by Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club

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released June 13, 2011

Chris Cubeta - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, harmonium, keys, drums
John Passineau - bass, vocals
Jeff Berner - guitar, vocals
Danny Lanzetta - soothsaying

Sarab Singh - drums (except "No Idea", "I'm Sorry" and "You Should Be Too")
Ryan Vaughn - drums on "No Idea"
Emily Easterly - background vocals on "Approach"
Tarrah Reynolds - strings on "Midnight"

Produced by Chris Cubeta with Jeff Berner, Danny Lanzetta, and Gary Atturio.
Recorded & mixed at GaluminumFoil Studios (Brooklyn NY) by Chris Cubeta, Jeff Berner, and Gary Atturio.
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk.

All songs by Chris Cubeta except "Iana" by Chris Cubeta and John Passineau, "Midnight" and "Truth Be Told" by Chris Cubeta and Danny Lanzetta.


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club New York, New York

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Track Name: Intro
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, etc.
Track Name: All We Are
You've got all your friends on fire tonight chasing down a subway
I've got all my friends above me in a golden killers frenzy
We've got all this time and all this liquor, let's drink till we are numb
My fingers can't seem to find the frets to speak to you anymore

I've lost my mind but not my will, I am bitter but in love
I have complained about religion and all the emptiness above
but there's been no attempt to save my self and no attempt to fly
I can justify these circles by the envy in your eye

Now underneath the pavement there is this killer on the prowl
He's got all these good intentions but his lover left him sour
He climbs up from the sewer and screams, I hate this fucking town
I have been bitten by the concrete now I'm stuck here on the ground

While you ran off to Cleveland and you've found a better life
Where the mystery's productive but the concrete is so polite
I am surrounded by the ocean but I've never been to sea
But I would hold my breath forever just to see

So this girl walks through the front door and she's broken by the scent
she says it stinks like all you people left your loneliness to vent
See I too came here to relieve myself of everything that I am not
of everything I have to be for ten hours at my job

But now I find I'm disappointed by the quiet of the jukebox
because I was hoping you'd be here and it would be too loud to even talk
I'd have to kick and scream and lose myself in all you’re hollow smiles
But I will hold it all together for the while

All we are, has bound us, to all we are, forevermore
All we are, has bound us, to all we are, forevermore
All we are, has bound us, to all we are, forevermore
All we are, has bound us, to all we are, forevermore
Track Name: Truth Be Told
I never worry about the fears I’ve learned to express
I never tell you about the ones I’ve learned to repress
I kind of need you and I kind of need somebody else
No need to worry this is nothing you should have guessed

I don’t believe in your perception it always leads away from the truth

Don’t turn your body turn your body no don’t turn away
Just try to figure out what the fuck I’m trying to say

I don’t believe in your existence it only pushes away the truth
You can’t begin to understand that this never was intended for you

All this time I never knew
All these things would lead to you
All this time I never knew
All this leads away from you
I am lost in the truth
I am lost in the truth
Track Name: Approach
Why did you stay so long?
Why are you settling?
When you’ve done nothing wrong
Is this what you believe?
I tried to help you see
You were not listening

I vaguely remember
Hospitals, sidewalks
Swinging freely

Another year goes by
You’ve wasted so much time
Maybe you should find another approach
Or save yourself a spot in line
You’ve changed
I know

No need to be in love
If this were all enough
No need to save your friends
This is how it begins

I vividly can see your future
Hopefully I’m wrong for your sake
Track Name: Iana
Tonight's a cause for celebration
Burn down the tired and complacent
Bright lights and mass communication
I'm told to take in all I can
Plagued by the overstimulation
Nothing is sacred anymore
Relinquish all this obligation
Need time to conjure up a plan

I am not alone and I am not above
We can break it down we can believe in love
I am not alone and I am not above
and I am not afraid but this is not ok

Emotional incarceration
Nothing has meaning anymore
reduced to soft abbreviations
tepid and lazy is the language
We need a human revelation

I am not alone and I am not above
We can break it down we can believe in love
I am not alone and I am not above
and I am not afraid but this is not ok
Track Name: Midnight
I can hear the stoplight turn.
Midnight on the avenue.
I can feel the city churn.
Midnight on the avenue.
Sadness searching for a seat.
Failure falling fast asleep.
Everything will soon be learned.
Midnight on the avenue.

We can find a way to write.
We can carry out a plan.
Smoke a thousand cigarettes.
Make believe we understand.
Let’s indulge the silence left.
Try not to concede our deaths.
Sanity will soon return to
Midnight on the avenue.

Tell us something we won’t fight.
Tell us how to feel all right.
Neighbors always gravitate to
this kind of an avenue.
Highway lights and morning fog.
Nothing good is ever wrong.
Everything will soon return
To Midnight on the avenue.
Track Name: I Need You There
I'm desperate for a change
I need to rearrange things
I barely understand the point of this

My love has gone away
If only for today I
believe I might as well be dead

Come on and talk to me
You're never there
Nothing seems new to me
I need you there

Beneath this thick veneer
you'll cry a thousand tears
they are pointless too me
unless you decide to make them more

I'll go away somewhere
You'll never find me there
I know this is hard to comprehend
but trust me I'll believe again

Come on and talk to me
You're never there
Nothing seems new to me

I need you there
to warm the nights
when science fails to wrong its rights
when all the buildings become all the elements
when all the symptoms fade
I need you there
Track Name: No Idea
Woke up screaming in a pool of my own blood
I kind of like being lost in the moment
If I could dream wide awake like I’m sleeping
Just to keep things a little bit interesting

You have no idea how this feels

I thought I’d like being out on my own now
No one to care for no one to be a judge now
It’s only taken a week or so to realize
I think I like being out all alone now

You have no idea how this feels

I thought you loved me I thought you’d always be here
Saw through the bullshit convinced myself you’d do the same
It’s only taken a year or so to realize
You never loved me you never even thought twice

You have no idea how this feels
Track Name: Apathy
Long live make believe
You can be the one to rescue me
Through these pages I believe
There's something greater here than me

Laced in apathy
This microphone is cursed in front of me
Entrenched beneath this sea
There's no more need for productivity

No more
I'm yours

All these moments
Hearts and thoughts they
Fade away

Please don't be deceived
This underground can help to set you free
Believe in disbelief
And maybe I will find you here with me

I'm yours
Track Name: I'm Sorry
Winter's shaken my bones
I am tired and alone
I have done so much wrong
I am weak you are strong

I have no need to sing
I have nothing to say
I cannot write what I read
I no longer believe

Every day I correct
And systematically object
To everything I’ve become
To everyone that I love
Track Name: You Should Be Too
You have no right to grieve
Shake your head or believe
That I have treated you wrong
Righteously you belong

Everyday I confess
Everyday you regress
You have nowhere to fall
For you are nothing at all

When the blood of your child has all been removed
And the life which remains has long since been ruined

I will find you there
I will find you there
I will find you there
Because I am
You should be too
You should be too
You should be too
Because I am